Including Your Pet(s) In Your Estate Planning

If you are a pet owner, one of your biggest fears may be not not knowing what would happen to your pet(s) if something was to happen to you.  Would any family member take your pet in as their own?  Would they have the financial means to support your pet?

There are ways that you can secure your pet’s well being if you are no longer around to do so yourself.  My sister-in-law, Aiden Kramer, is a lawyer based out of Denver, Colorado.  She specializes in estate planning and has a very informative (and pet filled) YouTube video about the basics of some of the most popular ways to include your pet(s) in your estate.

Note:  The information in this video is generally applicable but the specifics of planning for your pets may vary state to state.  Contact an attorney licensed in your state who is familiar with including pet(s) in estate plans.


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