Top 5: Television Cartoon Dogs

Today we are counting down our top 5 television cartoon dogs!

5.  Pluto

Pluto has been around since 1931, making him 84 years old.  He made his first appearance in Mickey’s cartoon “The Chain Gang” as a bloodhound but has now officially evolved into a mixed breed.  I wonder how Walt Disney would feel if he knew he named this dog after a planet that no longer exists in our solar system.   And for some strange reason Pluto is the only animal in Mickey Mouse’s gang that actually acts like an animal, doesn’t wear clothes and doesn’t talk.

4.  Brian Griffin

Brian is the sarcastic, pessimistic, and hilarious canine member of the Griffin Family.  Best friend to Peter, partner in crime to Stewie, this book-smart anthropomorphic canine is the only dog on the list that is able to hold a full conversation in English (not “doglish”) with humans.  Though he may look cute he is definitely the least kid friendly dog out of this group.  Children beware.

3.  Santa’s Little Helper 

After Homer bet his Christmas savings on “Santa’s Little Helper”, the long shot at Springfield’s greyhound track, the owner abandoned him for coming in last place and the Simpsons adopted him into the family.  Since then, he has been a staple in the Simpson’s household for the past 26 years and has been Bart’s best friend.  I think it’s safe to say that The Simpsons would not be the same without him.  He most closely resembles the definition of a true “family dog”.

2.  Snoopy 

Whether you remember his antics as the Red Barron or Joe Cool, Snoopy is a dog that spans generations.  He started out as a sidekick in a comic strip but now he’s sure to be seen on TV for just about every major U.S holiday starring in The Peanuts cartoons.  He has made his way into the holiday traditions for millions of fans.

1.  Scooby-Doo

Topping off our top 5 list at number 1…. The all-time favorite Scooby Doo!  Maybe its his love for scooby snacks, his best buddy bond with Shaggy, his epic theme song, or the fact that he is just as scared as any of us would be chasing after ghosts and solving mysteries.   In my opinion, this cowardly, food loving Great Dane is the coolest pup around.  Just ask Scrappy.


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