Transformation Monday: Standard Poodle 

Before and after.

2.5 hour long groom start to finish!  



2 thoughts on “Transformation Monday: Standard Poodle 

  1. MeowLifestyle says:

    ah this is my dream dog,! Ever since I was young I wanted a standard poodle, either brown or black. Such beautiful and sweet dogs in my experience. How do you find them? The cut you did is beautiful. How would you describe it? A puppy clip? About how often do these dogs need a grooming?


    • theitchypooch says:

      Thank you for the compliment on this cut. Standard Poodles are very sweet,beautiful, smart dogs. If you are interested in owning a standard poodle you can research breeders online or contact a poodle rescue. This cut is similar to a puppy clip, the only difference is that we are setting in poms on the bottom of her legs and letting them grow out. On the body I used a #1 (1/2″) Wahl stainless steel attachment comb on my Chromado clippers set in their 5th position, which is equivalent to a 40 blade underneath the comb. This poodle is groomed every 3 weeks. The frequency of grooming will depend on a lot of factors — the type of clip the poodle is put in, the length of hair the poodle has, and the amount of time the owner can dedicate to brushing out the poodles coat to prevent mats (knots)… Considering all the factors, I would recommend grooming anywhere from 3-6 weeks. They require a lot of upkeep, but if you have the time to devote to them they make wonderful pets.


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