Top 5: Breeds I Like to Groom

This week we will take a look at my Top 5: Breeds I Like To Groom and why each one is a joy to have on my grooming table.

5.  Miniature Schnauzer

sally9258 / Foter / CC BY

Miniature Schnauzers, in my opinion, have the most expressive faces.  Maybe its the eyebrows and the beard, but they show so much personality through their face,  The reason they are in my top 5 is because I like being the one to chisel that expression on their face out of all that hair.  Though the cut looks complicated, to me it is a quick and easy groom.  In my history of grooming Miniature Schnauzers I have found that most behave well on the grooming table.

4. German Shepherd

PeterJBellis / Foter / CC BY

I love grooming German Shepherds.  It’s a guessing game each groom, “how much hair am I going to deshed out of this one?”   The amount of hair I am able to blow out or brush out of them each time excites me, which may seem crazy to some, but watching it all come out reminds me of why I love my job.  I love being able to see the dramatic change in their coat with just a bath, blow out, and brushing. They always look so shiny and smooth after their groom, leaving their owners very impressed.

3. Pit Bull

stephskardal / Foter / CC BY

While some might be shocked to see this on my top 5 favorite list, others will not be surprised.  Pit Bulls are my most well behaved clients, which is why I like grooming them. They just stand there, or sit, and take the grooming process quite well.  They are also a quick groom which is a favorable factor when grooming dogs for a living.

2.   West Highland Terrier

a4gpa / Foter / CC BY-SA

Besides the fact that I own a Westie, there is just something marvelous about whitening a Westie with some whitening shampoo.  Making the coat change from a yellowish tinged coat into a sparkling bright white is the best feeling.  Not to mention they are so cute after they are groomed!  So much personality comes out from their fluffy round white head and dark round inset eyes.

1.  Airedale Terrier

tara.airedale / Foter / CC BY-ND

Airedale Terriers are my number-one favorite breed to groom, which is too bad really because I don’t see very many of them.  They are not a very popular breed.  I love the child-like playful personality that Airedale Terriers have, there is just something fun about grooming them.  Their cut is an exciting change from the normal routine grooms I do.  In fact, I am so favorable to this breed that I see owning one a possibility in the future.

There’s my top 5 favorite breeds to groom.  What is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.


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