Top 5: Grooming Items I Could Not Live Without

Last week, we listed the Top 5 Grooming Items Every Dog Owner Should Have .  This week, I am listing what I as a dog groomer could not live without.  Basically, if I was stranded on a desert island of matted dogs, these are the most useful items I would want to have to transform an island of misfit mutts into attractive pets.

5.  Matt Breaker

This tool makes removing a matt out of a dog’s coat very easy.  If it were not for this nifty little tool, I would have done many more shave downs from matted coats than I needed to.  It’s a tool that every groomer should have for removing matts to avoid an unwanted shave down or bald spot.  Of course, it has its limitations — it can’t solve every matting problem comfortably on every pet (in my opinion) —  but given how effective it is for most dematting jobs I would certainly find myself lost without it.

4.  Nature’s Specialties Aloe Bluing Shampoo with Optical Brightener

This is my overall favorite shampoo to use.  There is no better feeling than brightening a dull white coat or making dark coats even brighter.  I have used a lot of “whitening” shampoos in the past and this is by far, hands down, the best out there. The oooohs and ahhhs I receive when I walk a client’s pet back up to them reassure me that I am using the right product.  It’s also safe for puppies and kittens at 6 weeks of age!

3.  Heritage 7.5 Curved Shears

Some might say these are not the highest quality of shears out on the market, but they get the job done for me, and they do it rather nicely I might add.  Very reasonably priced, I could not find a more comfortable pair of shears at any grooming expo I have visited.  Beveling, topknots, teddy bear heads… None of them would be possible without a high comfort-level curved shear like Heritage’s.

2.  Nature’s Specialties Hair Raiser

I only recently discovered this miracle product after making my usual Nature’s Specialties purchase, and I will never scissor again without it!  It cuts down on my scissoring time, gives me straighter more even lines, and leaves no residue.  It makes the hair stand straight out making any coat easier to scissor.  Top knots, poms, bichon heads….No longer a worry for me. I cannot believe I have groomed the last 7 years without it!

1.  Wahl Chromado Cordless Clippers with the Wahl Stainless Steel Attachment Combs

Okay, okay, yes I know these could count as two separate items, but if you have the Wahl Chromado and you’re not using the stainless steel attachment combs you are seriously missing out!  They pretty much go hand-in-hand and have improved my grooming skill, time,  and technique tremendously!   First of all, the luxury of cordless clippers is enough, then include the superior light weight of the clippers, plus the speed and slick thin design….It’s my one true love (next to my husband of course….maybe).

Alright there you have it, I am on my deserted island with some now very attractive pets.  What would you have if your were deserted on a desert island full of matted dogs?  Your opinion may change my mind….


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