Superhero For A Day

Today I was a dog’s superhero!  Seriously, I rescued a little min pin who was running back and forth across one of the busiest streets in my town still wearing his harness and leash. He had to have been someone’s pet — he had his leash on and must have escaped someones grasp while out on a walk.  If it was my dog I would have wanted someone to stop and save him, so I had to… right?!

It was no easy task.  I followed this little guy around for about 15 minutes, and every time I got out of the car he would just run away.  I witnessed a few other people stop with about the same result.  He was a runner.  I had my 3 year old and 1.5 year old in the car with me so I couldn’t venture out far from the car whenever I pulled up next to him.

I was finally able to corral him into a neighborhood, not as busy as the streets….what a relief.  But I still wasn’t having any luck capturing him.  After getting in and out of the car about 10 times and having my kids in the backseat thinking I had lost my mind, I finally came to the conclusion that I would give it one more try and if I couldn’t get him it would be time to give up.

I gave it one more shot, and again, no luck, the dog would bolt as soon as I started walking towards him.  So as I watched him run behind us down the street I defeatedly got in my car and began to drive off.  I gave the dog one last look in my rear-view mirror and saw his leash had somehow miraculously been caught on a rock!!!  Oh the chances!  As I exited the car to go get him I saw him frantically chewing on his harness to escape its hold.  I ran over, swooped him up before he could chew through the harness, and threw him in the car!  As I entered the car I was greeted by my childrens’ hoorays and applause!   I did it, to this dog (and my kids)  I saved the day, I was his super hero!  I protected him from evil, potentially saved his life and reunited him with his loved ones.

Thinking back on today, that dog was extremely lucky.  I don’t think anyone could have caught him, had it not been for that leash getting stuck on the rock.  He also had no tag on but thanks to social media I was able to find where he belonged.   So tonight I feel like I am walking around my house wearing a superhero cape.  With the good feelings I have from today, why shouldn’t I?


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