Get Control of Your Pet’s Shedding This Spring

Shedding is a big issue for most pet owners.  Dogs shed year round.  It is a natural occurrence for most dogs and and there is no way to stop it. Some dogs shed a lot and some may not seem to shed much at all.  Additionally, warmer temperatures can lead to heavier shedding since it initiates the sloughing of the pets winter coat.   While shedding is one of the biggest nuisances of pet ownership, by utilizing the rights tools and techniques you will see less hair around the house in no time.

So what can be done to manage your pet’s shedding situation?


One of the most important elements of deshedding is to invest in a good brush.  Regular brushing is an important pet grooming necessity that will help eliminate excess hair, dander and debris.  There are several brushes that work well for deshedding your pet.  Some of my personal favorites are slicker brushes, coat rakes, zoom grooms, and deshedding tools (such as the Furminator).  You should brush your pet at least twice a week, more if you feel it is needed.  By brushing your pet’s hair you control where the loose shedding hair and debris is going — that is, directly into your trash can instead of falling off of your pet around the house.


There are a lot of pet shampoo brands that now offer a deshedding solutions.  Their purpose is to loosen the hair during the bathing process, allowing the hair to be easily removed from the coat into the tub.  Some of the shampoos can also be enriched with certain vitamins and fatty acids to help promote healthy skin and coat.  In my mobile salon we use the Furminator deshedding shampoo and conditioner which helps open the hair follicles, allowing for any loose or soon-to-be loose hair to fall out during bathing, hence restricting most of the hair loss to the tub.  Another great brand for deshedding is Nature’s Specialities EZ Shed.

Healthy DIet

“You are what you eat” not only applies to us humans but to our pets as well.  There are many essential vitamins and minerals that help promote healthy skin and coat.  Making sure your pet is eating a high quality pet food can make all the difference in the condition of their coat.  Blue Buffalo is my personal favorite brand of dog food and one that I believe has all the right nutrients to help strengthen a pet’s coat.  There are also several pet supplements on the market that contain appropriate amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that can help encourage healthy skin and hair growth.  By having healthier skin and coat your dog is less likely to have hair breakage or excess shedding due to a dry dull coat.

Annual Veterinary Check Up

While shedding is a normal occurrence for pets, it is important to make sure your pet is getting their annual check up.  There are some underlying health conditions that can cause hair loss that often go undiagnosed and could be mistaken as normal shedding.  You should always consult your veterinarian if you notice anything unusual with your pets skin and coat.

Grooming Salon Visits

Most grooming salons offer deshedding packages for your pet if you feel like having someone else do the work for you.  Having your pet groomed with a professional could potentially make a bigger impact on the shedding than you could by yourself.  A good groomer will have all the necessary tools and experience to help your dog shed less around the house.

Controlling your pet’s shedding will take a lot of time and dedication on your part.  But with bi-weekly brushings, monthly baths with deshedding shampoos, and a healthy diet rich in essential omega fatty acids, you will certainly begin to notice a decrease in the excess hair left behind by your furry friend.

So what do you think?  Do you have any tips or tricks to manage your pet’s shedding?  Let me know in the comments below.


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