Top 5: Grooming Items Every Dog Owner Should Have

This week’s Top 5 is Grooming Items Every Dog Owner Should Own. Even if you take your dog to the groomer there are still a few essential dog grooming tools you should keep handy at your house. With a little preventative maintenance using these tools you can potentially save money from unnecessary and costly grooming fees and veterinary fees.

5. Oral Care Products
If you want to limit expensive dental vet cleanings and extractions, taking care of your dog’s dental health is just as important as taking care of your own. In my personal experience, I have found that using a toothbrush and pet toothpaste everyday seems to be the most effective way of preventing oral decay in dogs. There are many toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental wipes, sprays, rinses, gels and chews that can help keep your pet’s teeth and breath in healthy condition. You can help protect their teeth from dental decay by using any of these dental products.

4. Ear Cleaner
Ear cleaner can be a very important item to have on hand — if too much debris is left in a dogs ear an infection or foul odor could occur. Thankfully, cleaning a dog’s ears is simpler than ever. There are ear cleaning solutions, pads, and wipes that can be purchased at any of your local pet stores or online. I personally like using the solutions. These seem to give the ear a thoroughly deep clean and help effectively eliminate odor. If you choose to use the pads or wipes, always be careful with how far in the ear your clean. You should never “dig” or reach deep into the ear canal as this can cause severe ear damage to your pet. Only clean the outer ear and creases that are visible to you. Always read the instructions before using the product.

3.  Nail Clippers
As long as you feel comfortable using them, nail clippers are a must have if you own a dog.  Dog nails can grow extremely long to the point that they can curve around and grow into the paw pads. It is very important to keep your dog’s nails at a safe and comfortable length. You do not want to let your dogs nails grow to the point that it curves, cracks, breaks, or affects your dog’s walking ability. Please do your research in how to clip a dogs nails — my article on this subject is soon to come. You want to make sure to avoid cutting into the dog’s nails too short to the point that they bleed. If you do not feel comfortable with clipping your own dog’s nails take your dog to a grooming shop or vet office where they can safely do it at a low cost.

2. Quality Shampoo
A good quality dog shampoo can make all the difference in your dog’s skin and coat. There are several different types of shampoos on the market such as color enhancing shampoos, anti-itch oatmeal or neem shampoos, hypoallergenic shampoos, natural plant based shampoos, soap free shampoos, odor eliminator shampoos, puppy shampoos and many more. You want to make sure you choose a shampoo that is right for your pet’s skin and coat type, that will clean sufficiently, rinse well, and leave your pet smelling fresh.

1. Brush and or Comb
The number one grooming tool every dog owner should have is a brush or a comb. Whether you have a long haired or short haired dog, brushing is essential to maintaining a healthy and great looking coat. Brushing can help eliminate tangles and mats and can help reduce shedding. It also allows for great one-on-one bonding time between you and your dog. There are several different types of brushes and combs to choose from. The breed of dog and its hair type will help to determine which brush or comb is best for your pet. I will soon be posting an article on brushes and combs, please follow my blog to receive notification once published.

Did I leave anything out? Do you agree with this list? Let me know in the comments below.

I’ll see you next week when I discuss my next Top 5. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see featured in one of the next Top 5 please let me know!


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